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Descrizione Prodotto NB ASUS VIVOBOOK X509JA-EJ026T 15,6" i3-1005G1 4GB SSD256GB NO DVD W10

Successfully meeting the demands of e-business, departmental line-of-business applications, or a workgroup database requires a server board that is equal parts performance, data protection, and manageability. Intel addresses businesses with such requirements through the Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2, which is designed with industry-leading processing power and memory options and the data-storage and management subsystems to robustly support a business and provide room to grow. The Intel Server Board SE7520AF2 supports dual Intel® Xeon™ processors with an 800MHz system bus, Registered ECC DDR2 400 memory, and fully integrated Intel® RAID (optional) and includes an updated version of the powerful Intel® Server Management 8 solution for advanced management of business-critical servers. Based on the new Intel® E7520 chipset, the Server Board SE7520AF2 also includes a dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller, two Intel® PRO/1000 Server Network Connections, two PCI Express* slots, and seven independent PCI buses. In addition, the Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2 provides a wealth of scalable features. Among them is the option to increase data protection through an integrated Intel® RAID controller enabled by the Intel® RAID Activation Key, through an Intel® Portable Cache Module that provides battery backup for the RAID cache, or through an upgrade to an Intel® Management Module. In addition, the Server Board SE7520AF2 boasts a number of technologies designed to protect data integrity and simplify management, enabling businesses to focus support resources on enhancing functionality and boosting user productivity.

Caratteristiche Tecniche:

One or two Intel® Xeon™ processors with an 800 MHz system bus; for the latest processor support information, visit:
System Memory
For the latest information on memory support, visit:
Capacity Eight DIMM sockets for up to 16 GB of Registered ECC DDR2 400 memory (first DIMM may be populated singularly; additional memory must be populated in pairs)
Type Registered ECC DDR2 400 SDRAM 72-bit, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMS
Reliability Features ECC memory support to correct single-bit errors and detect double-bit errors; supports Intel® Single Device Data Connection (SDDC), scrubbing, retry on uncorrectable errors, memory mirroring, memory sparing
Integrated Onboard
Chipset Intel® E7520 chipset
Intel® Server Network Connections Dual Intel® PRO/1000 Server Network Connections (Intel® 82546GB controller) supporting 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T; RJ45 connector
I/O Processor Intel® IOP332 processor with Intel XScale® technology
Super I/O Controller National Semiconductor* PC87427
Integrated Management Controller National Semiconductor* PC87431M mini-Baseboard Management Controller
Graphics ATI* RAGE* XL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video memory
Integrated Storage Support
Parallel ATA Single-Channel ATA 100 (single connector) supporting two IDE devices
Serial ATA Dual-channel SATA 150 (two connectors) supporting integrated RAID 0 and 1
Ultra320 SCSI LSI Logic* 53C1030 Dual-Channel; two Ultra320/LVD channels (connected via two internal 68-pin-wide connectors); maximum data transfer 320 MB/sec on each Ultra320/LVD channel; supporting entry-level RAID functionality (LSI Logic Integrated Mirroring* and Integrated Striping*)
Integrated RAID Integrated Intel® RAID controller based on the onboard Intel IOP332 processor, resident firmware, and drivers when enabled via optional Intel RAID Activation Key and RAID memory and supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50; support for the Intel® Portable Cache Module, which provides battery backup of RAID cache
PCI Dual-bridge design with support for PCI Express* technology, enabling seven independent PCI buses including two PCI-X 133 MHz slots, and one PCI-X 100 MHz slot (one-slot and two-slot riser capable)
IDE Single channel EIDE for a total of two IDE devices; two SATA channels for a total of two SATA devices.
USB Three USB connectors (optional header for two more)
Serial Ports External DB9 serial, internal serial header
Floppy Controller 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB, 3-mode support
Keyboard/Mouse Two PS/2 ports, 8240A compatible
Intel® Server Management
Integrated Management Type Onboard Platform Instrumentation
Software Support Intel® Server Manager 8 family of software; upgradeable to support HP Unicenter*, Tivoli*, and LANDesk*Management Suite 8
Intel® Management Module Support Professional Edition, Advanced Edition
Supported Standards IPMI, DMI, CIM, SNMP, ICMB
Fully Validated Operating Systems
Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Red Hat* Linux Enterprise 3.0, SUSE* LINUX* 9.1 Professional, and Novell NetWare* 6.5
System BIOS
Type 8 Mb Flash EEPROM with AMI* BIOS, Multiboot BBS (BIOS Boot Specification) 1.4-compliant
Special Features Plug and Play, IDE drive auto-configure, SMBIOS 2.3, ECC Parity support, multilingual support, enabled for rolling/online BIOS updates
Configuration Utilities Server Configuration Wizard for system setup of BIOS utilities; Save and Restore System Configuration Utility and initial Intel Server Management configuration
CMOS clear, password clear, BMC boot block write protect, BIOS recovery
Front Panel Connectors
Power LED, hard-drive access LED, system-fault LED, power/sleep switch, server network connection 1 LED, server network connection 2 LED, reset switch, and NMI switch; connection for optional Intel® Local Control Panel for monitoring and control of the server from the front panel
Board Style SSI Entry E-Bay v3.51
Board Size 12" x 13" (305 mm x 330.5 mm)
Power Requirements
+5V 16A maximum continuous current
+5V Standby 1.3A maximum continuous current
+12V 40A maximum continuous current
+3.3V 35A maximum continuous current
-5V 0.3A maximum continuous current
-12V 16A maximum continuous current
Ambient Temperature Operating(system): +10°C to +35°C; non-operating/storage (system): -40°C to +70°C ambient
Relative Humidity Non-operating: 95%, non-condensing at +30°C
Safety and EMC Regulatory Compliance (Class A)
(EMC Regulatory Compliance is based on a board configured in an Intel host system in which Intel tested the board and found it compliant)


* S/B DP Xeon iE7520 800Mhz 1MB L2 INTEL * CD Drivers
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